Is Now the Right Time to Sell?


Image credited to dallashomesblog

I hear this question more frequently than one might think.  “If it’s a seller’s market, I should be able to get this much for my home right?”  “I can just list it and sit and wait for my price can’t I?”  

The reality is, if you are looking to get a great price on your home, now is a great time to sell.  Why?  

  1. The demand is strong!
  2. Low inventory means less competition for sellers.
  3. Process is quicker!
    1. Buyers are coming in prepared with pre-approved loans and ready to act
  4. Best time ever to move up!
    1. Still a buyers market in the premium and luxury home range  as inventory on these homes remains high.
  5. Time for that next phase in your life?!?

Buyers are ready to buy now!  Interest rates are on their way up after the Federal Reserve cited the economy as shifting from “moderate” to “solid” and buyers want to lock in before this happens.

All if this leads to what seems to be a simple answer, “YES!”…but the reality is that nothing in life is that simple.  There are many variables that go into a decision as big as selling your home.  The bottom line is whether or not it is the right time for you and or your family.

If making a few extra thousand dollars is your primary motivation, absolutely it’s time to sell.  

If you’re looking to build or move-up from your current home, then heck yes.

I’m also asked, “what do I need a realtor for if the market is so hot?”  Simple truth is, you don’t, but you’re likely not going to get as much for your home as you could or you deserve if you don’t (outside of the headache of doing all the work yourself that is).

98% of all homes that are sold are sold with the support of real estate professionals.  Knowing how to price your home, market your home, bring in buyers and work to get you bids and top dollars is precisely what I do.   

I look forward to hearing from you if the time is right and can’t wait to help you move into that next phase of your life, whether it be downsizing and taking the hassle of chores and maintenance off your shoulders, or moving up and finding more space and equity for your family…I’m here to work for you!

Check out below for some current market trends in MN (info via Re/Max 🙂


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