Grateful and Excited!!

I stay up late and work, not because I have to, but because I want to.  Every day I go into the classroom, and I teach and preach.  I encourage my students to work for a CAREER where they’re excited to go to work.  Currently, I’m working to model that both in education and beyond.

Tomorrow we get to put in our final game plans for round 2 of the playoffs.  I also get to put a sign in the yard of a property that will be a life- changer for some family.  To top that off, we get to finalize the date to close on a property for a family who has overcame numerous hurdles and had the grit to push through.  Nobody has made it easy, yet the work put in has made it possible!

When I chose real estate as another career, the rationale was for service.  Already, I’m grateful I’ve been able to serve amazing families.  No matter what happens in my careers, God has put me here to serve.  For these opportunities, I will always be grateful.

Watch this week’s postings for this great property while being sure to cheer for Redwood Valley Volleyball on Tuesday night.  Please share both to support all of those we love!!

Thanks so much to all that follow and support us.  Never, EVER hesitate to let Mandy, Reese, Reagan, Rhett, or me know how we can support you and a great cause.  WE ARE ALL IN!!.

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